A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

About Us

Dollar-A-Day Scholarship Fund, Inc. (D.A.D.) is the nation's leading Muslim scholarship and professional development program. It is a not-for-profit, fund established on the basis of three principles: scholarship, global leadership, and commitment to service. As one of the first Muslim scholarship funds in the country, D.A.D. has become a power-house of sorts, providing a gateway of resources for Muslim students which include scholarships, no-interest loans, internship stipends, and professional development opportunities which include networking and a mentorship program.

The cornerstone of our organization is the concept that individuals can support our mission with as little as a dollar a day, or approximately $30 per month and $365 per year.


To strengthen the community by advancing post-graduate education, professional development, leadership, and public service amongst Muslim students, and through education and professional development, increase the understanding among and between Islam and other cultures, religions and values.


  • Encourage Muslim students to pursue higher education and offset the cost of that higher education by providing scholarships.
  • Promote global citizenship and defray the cost of pursuing internship opportunities with international inter-governmental, governmental, or non-governmental policy based organizations or organizations based in majority-Muslim countries.
  • Strengthen the professional development of Muslim students by providing mentoring, networking and job placement services.
  • Become the primary vehicle for academic, financial, and professional development assistance to Muslim students across the United States.