Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela

2010 Scholars

Laila M. Abdelaziz, B.S., International Studies & Political Science, University of South Florida (2010); Student Emmy Award for Excellence (2009); Project Coordinator, United Voices for America (2010).

Mohammad Mehdi Ali,
J.D., Stanford University (2013); M.A., Sociology, Stanford University (2010); B.A., International Relations, Stanford University (2009); Chappell Lougee Scholar (2008); MDiv, Harvard Divinity School (2012); B.A. Study of Religion, UCLA (2009); ISNA Fellowship Recipient (2009).

Suzan W. Atallah, B.A., Psychology & Teaching of English, University of Illinois at Chicago (2011); Vice Chancellor Award (2007); Dorothy Dobris Scholar (2008).

Ahlam Chahid, B.S., Biology, City College of New York (2010); President, Arista National Honor Society (2006); Mentor of the Year, City College of New York (2008); Tom Alafogianni Scholar (2008); Gerald Brenner Scholar (2008); Peter Vallone Scholar (2008); Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society (2008-2010).

Aisha S. Khan, D.O., Nova Southeastern University (2011); M.P.H., Nova Southeastern University (2011); B.S., Microbiology & Cell Science, University of Florida (2006); Sigma Sigma Phi Honors Fraternity (2008-2009); TOUCH Community Service Award (2009).

Tasmiha Khan, B.A., Neuroscience & Behavioral Psychology, Wesleyan University (2012); Illinois State Scholar (2007); Prudential Spirit of Community Award (2008); President's Volunteer Service Award (2008). 

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